This is a place to integrate iCarly facts and news into your daily routine. This site is for iCarly fans to express their knowledge of the show, as well as various aspects of their viewing. The TV show itself premiered on Saturday, September 08, 2007 (8/8/07), and since has become an American phenomenon. Much like RobSp1derp1g’s iCarly Reviews, I will deeply delve into the iCarly universe, where television is separated from radio – much in the fashion of most comedy TV shows – and the true fate of the world (to most Creddie and Seddie shippers) hangs in the balance.

In this blog, there are three types of people: Creddies (Carly + Freddie shippers), Seddies (Sam + Freddie shippers), and the least common out of the three, Cam (Carly + Sam friendship shippers). Although their fate was controversial prior to the “iOMG” and “iLost My Mind” announcements, Seddie is the most important pairing on the show, with Creddie a close second; the MAJOR episode that orbits around Creddie is “iSaved Your Life.” Though times are hard again and again, the trio of friends never sever their friendship ties (although in some episodes, such as “iQuit iCarly” and “iDon’t Want to Fight”, the Cam friendship is severed to some extent).

Now, most people consider Seddie to be their choice of support; others, Creddie. I, myself, don’t really have a favorite as to which pairing/ship to choose to support. So for all intents and purposes, I will have a page only for Creddie shippers and a page only for Seddie shippers.

Please note: this blog is not endorsed by iCarly nor is it acknowledged by them.